Photos taken by Prof. Dr. Mototaka MORI

The Legacy of Alfred Schutz
International Conference on His Centennial

held at Waseda University, 26-28 March, 1999


Welcome Address by Hisashi Nasu. The woman at left, Tomoko Hisatome (the President of Tokyo Jogakkan Junior College), is the daughter of the late Tomoo OTAKA who was a good friend of Alfred Schutz in his Vienna period. The man at right is Yoshikazu Satoh.

Presentation of "Schutz Video" by Lester Embree


Welcome Party. The Speech by Hiroshi Endoh (the third man from the right). From the left, In-Suk Cha, Yoshikazu Satoh, a junior scholar, George Psathas, Yoshiyuki Satoh, Hiroshi Endoh, Tomoko Hisatome, Hideo Hama.

From the left, George Psathas(Boston University), Lester Embree(Florida Atrantic University)、Ilja Srubar(University of Erlangen-Nuernberg), Martin Endress(Konstanz University).

Farewell Party

Kazuhiko Okuda

In-Suk Cha

Chung-Chi Yu

George Psathas

Hideo Hama

Aug Nishizaka

Constans Seyfarth

Hongwoo Kim

Martin Endress

Ilja Srubar

Program Members

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