The Legacy of Alfred Schutz
International Conference on His Centennial

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The Waseda Sociological Association
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Friday, March 26, 1999

16:00 Welcome Address
Hisashi Nasu (Waseda University: Japan)
Message from Evelyn Schutz Lang
Opening Remarks
Yoshiyuki Satoh (Waseda University: Japan)
16:15 Session 1 Chair; Yoshikuni Yatani (Otemon Gakuin University: Japan)
 Yoshikazu Satoh (Ritsumeikan University: Japan)
"Alfred Schutz and Tomoo Otaka in 1930's: Their Social Theory and its Social- Cultural Background"

Mototaka Mori (Waseda University: Japan)
"Alfred Schutz and the Imperial Capital Vienna"
18:00 Video Presentation
"Alfred Schutz: Philosopher of Social Science in the 20th Century" : video presented by Lester Embree
19:00 Welcome Party
Speech: Tomoko Hisatome, Hiroshi Endoh, George Psathas, Hongwoo Kim, Ilja Srubar

Saturday, March 27, 1999

09:00 Session 2 Chair; Jun'ichi Murata (University of Tokyo: Japan)
Chung - Chi Yu (Tamkang University: Taiwan)
"Schutz on Transcendence and the Variety of Lifeworld Experience"

Hongwoo Kim (Seoul National University: Korea)
"A Post-Husserlian Account of the Life-World: Alfred Schutz"

Lester Embree (Florida Atlantic University: USA)
"Alfred Schutz on the World as Natural"
14:00 Session 3 Chair; Koichi Osada (Waseda University: Japan)
Sung - Gwan Park (Seoul National University: Korea)
"Alfred Schutz on Communication: Its Implications on Korean Society"

Masataka Katagiri (Chukyo University: Japan)
"Self, Role and Narrative"

In - Suk Cha (Seoul National University: Korea)
"Mundialization of Home: Toward a Great Community"
17:30 Session 4 Chair; Kazuhisa Nishihara (Musashi University: Japan)
Hironao Harie (Musashi University: Japan)
"A Reflection on the Stock of Knowledge at Hand as a Transcendental Concept"

Martin Endress (University of Konstanz: Germany)
"Alfred Schutz and Karl Mannheim: Antipodes in the Sociology of Knowledge?"

Sunday, March 28, 1999

09:00 Session 5 Chair; Constans Seyfarth (University of Tuebingen: Germany)
Kyoko Utsunomiya (Toyo University: Japan)
"Problems of the Relation between Subjective and Objective Meaning"

George Psathas (Boston University: USA)
"The Ideal Type in Weber and Schutz"

Hideo Hama (University of Tsukuba: Japan)
"Alfred Schutz's Theory of Science and Ethnomethodology"
14:00 Session 6 Chair; Ken'ichi Tominaga (Musashi Institute of Technology: Japan)
Kazuhiko Okuda (International University of Japan: Japan)
"Schutz and Citizenship: Rethinking Citizenship in the Multi-National State"

Ilja Srubar (University of Erlangen - Nuernberg: Germany)
"The Origin of "the Politic" in the Structure of the Lifeworld"
16:00 Closing Remarks
Lester Embree (Florida Atlantic University: USA)
16:15 Farewell Address
Hisashi Nasu (Waseda University: Japan)

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