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Volume 2, 2000

Special Issue: Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

Michael Lynch: Silence in Context: Ethnomethodology and Social Theory

George Psathas: Studying the Organization in Action: Membership Categorization and Interaction Analysis

Peter Eglin & Stephen Hester: "You're all a bunch of Feminists": Categorization and the Politics of Terror in the Montreal Massacre

Wes Sharrock & Graham Button: Do the Right Thing! Rule Finitism, Rule Scepticism and Rule Following

Jeff Coulter: Discourse and Mind

Aug Nishizaka: Managing and Achieving Recoginition within Interaction

Tomiaki Yamada: Building Bridges between Ethnomethodology and Foucauldian Social Analysis

Book Review

Sung Tae Yi: Seeking Intersubjective Horizon: From the Scence of
Literature and Politics

Notes on Contributors

Editors Statement|Editorial Board (Vol.1Vol.2Vol.3Vol.4)|Contents (Vol.1 ・ Vol.2・ Vol.3Vol.4)]

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