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Volume 1, 1999

Special Issue: Dialogue between the Social Sciences and Phenomenological Philosophy

Alfred Schutz: Husserl and his Influence on Me

Ilja Srubar: Phenomenological Analysis and its Contemporary Significance: Alfred Schutz Memorial Lecture

Fred Kersten: Brentano, James and Schutz on "Multiple Realities"

Hisashi Nasu: Toward Elucidating a Phenomenon of Relevance

Michael D. Barber: Pluralism and the Subjective Interpretation of Meaning: Arendt and Schutz on Race in the United States

Lester Embree: A Problem in Alfred Schutz's Methodology of the Cultural Sciences

Hideo Hama: Alfred Schutz's Theory of Science and Ethnomethodology

Jun'ichi Murata: Interpretation and Design: The Nature of Technology and its Interpretative Flexibility

John O'Neill: Excommunicative Praxis: Posting Hegel to Rewrite Subjectivity

Book Reviews

Chihaya Kusayanagi: Where Do Constructionists Stand and What Do They See?

J.Nederveen Pieterse: Cultural Studies as a Genre

Editors Statement|Editorial Board (Vol.1Vol.2Vol.3Vol.4)|Contents (Vol.1 ・ Vol.2Vol.3Vol.4)]

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