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Editors Statement

Society today is experiencing a translocal and transnational flow and movement of peoples and ideas. Social sciences accordingly must directly face and cope with these flows, the new interrelationships which develop as well as the emerging new ideas.

The aim of Culture and Society is to bring together original essays by international scholars and to facilitate the dialogue and interplay between the social sciences and phenomenological philosophy. In so doing, the journal will contribute to the dialogue rather than to more limited disciplinary interests. Only when dialogue takes place, we believe, can such a forum for new developments in the human sciences, enable society and culture to disclose its new horizons.

Culture and Society also provides a focal point and site for breaking through the barriers between the social sciences and philosophy. By this means, we believe, true encounter will develop between the social sciences and philosophy, particularly phenomenological philosophy in such a way that new horizons of the world will be disclosed and a true meeting place for the social sciences themselves will be provided.

Culture and Society also provides opportunities to break through barriers between societies and to facilitate a dialogue among scholars on a global scale. Such an international meeting place based on dialogue and interplay will afford opportunities for original reflections and for the examination of the rich manifold sources of culture and society.


[Editors Statement|Editorial Board (Vol.1Vol.2Vol.3Vol.4)|Contents (Vol.1Vol.2Vol.3Vol.4)]

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