Reception Party

George Psathas' talk. The man at left is Jun'ichi Murata.

Tomoko Hisatome's address
She is the daughter of the late Tomoo Otaka who was a good friend of Alfred Schutz in his Vienna period.

From the left, Hiroshi Ogawa, Bernhard Waldenfels, Shinji Hamauzu

From the left, George Psathas, Ilja Srubar

From the left, Bernhard Waldenfels, Hisashi Nasu

From the left, Thomas Luckmann, Johannes Weiss

From the left, Tomoko Hisatome, Evelyn Schutz Lang, Lester Embree

From the left, Gert Schmidt, Joachim Renn, The man at right is Gilbert Weiss.

 Opening Session


 Group Photo

 Seeing cherry blossoms

 Farewell Party

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