The Alfred Schutz Memorial Lecture

Co-sponsored by

The Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences

The Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology

American Philosophical Association




1995 Maurice Natanson (Yale University, Emeritus, U.S.A.)

     “Alfred Schutz: Philosopher and Social Scientist“

     Oct. 13, DePaul University (DePaul Center), Chicago, Illinois





1996 Ilja Srubar (Universität Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany)

     “Phenomenological Analysis and its Contemporary Significance”

     Oct. 11, Georgetown University (Georgetown University Conference Center), Washington, D.C.




1997 Richard Zaner (Vanderbilt University, U.S.A.)

     “Making Music Together While Growing Older: Further Reflections on Intersubjectivity”

      Oct. 17, University of Kentucky (University of Kentucky Student Center), Lexington, KY




1998 Thomas Luckmann (Universität Konstanz, Germany)

     “Moral Communication in Modern Societies“

     Oct. 9, University of Colorado (Executive Tower Inn), Denver





1999 Fred Kersten (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Emeritus, U.S.A.)

     “A Stroll with Alfred Schutz”

     Oct. 8, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon





2000 George Psathas (Boston University, U.S.A.)

     “Alfred Schutz’s Influence on American Sociology”

     Oct. 6, The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State Conference Center Hotel), State College, PA





2001 Lester Embree (Florida Atlantic University, U.S.A.)

     “Under Social Contract, e.g., The Woman’s Movement in the United States”

     Oct. 5, Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland





2002 Michael Barber (St. Louis University, U.S.A.)

     “A Moment of Unconditional Validity? Schutz and the Habermas/Rorth Debate”

     Oct. 11, Loyola University (Water Towner Campus), Chicago, Illinois





2003 Kurt Wolff (Brandeis University, Emeritus, U.S.A.)

     “This, Yes!”

     November 7, Boston College and Boston University (Boston Park Plaza Hotel), Boston, MA

(Prof. Wolff died before he could present his lecture. It was presented by George Psathas and Gary Backhaus).





2004 Harold Garfinkel (University of California, Los Angeles, Emeritus,U.S.A.)

     “The Lebenswelt Origin of the Sciences”

     Oct. 29, University of Memphis (Memphis Marriott Downtown Hotel), Memphis, Tennessee

(On behalf of Prof. Garfinkel, the paper was read by Kenneth Liberman and Lawrence Wieder).





2005 Rosemary Rizo-Patron (Pontificia Universidad Catholica del Peru, Peru)

     “Between Conflict and Reconciliation: The Hard Truth”

     Oct. 21, Utah Valley State University (Salt Lake Marriott Downtown Hotel), Salt Lake City, Utah





2006 Hisashi Nasu (Waseda University, Japan)

     “A Continuing Dialogue with Alfred Schutz”

     Oct. 13, Villanova University (The Sheraton Society Hill Hotel), Philadelphia, PA





2007 Ion Copoeru (Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Romania)
"A Schutzian Perspective on Legal Interpretation"
Nov. 9, DePaul University and Northwestern University (Westin River North Hotel), Chicago, IL





2008 Mary F. Rogers (University of West Florida)
"Alfred Schutz and the Pedagogy of Suffering"
October 17, 2008, Pittsburgh Marriott City Center




2009 Thomas S. Eberle (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)
"The Lifeworld Analysis of Alfred Schutz
and the Methodology of the Social Sciences"
Oct. 30, 2009, the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel, in Arlington, VA.



2011 Maxine Sheets-Johnstone (University of Oregon)
"The Globalization and the Other: Lifeworld(s) on the Brink"
21 Oct. 2011, Villanova University & the Pennsylvania State University
(Sheraton Society Hill Hotel), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





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