International Conference : Alfred Schutz and his Intellectual Partners

by the Alfred Schutz Archive at Waseda University

Supported by
Waseda University
The Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition ('70)

Waseda University International Conference Center
April 3-6, 2004, Waseda University

<revised in April. 2>


【Saturday, April 3, 2004】

Opening Session (14:00-)

Opening Speech: Hisashi Nasu (Waseda University)

Commemorative Address: Evelyn Schutz Lang & Claudia Schutz

Keynote Address: Thomas Luckmann (Universitaet Konstanz),
Schutz and Schutz.


Session I: Starting Points (16:00-17:30)

Moderator: Jun'ichi Murata (University of Tokyo)

1. (16:00-) Johannes Weiss (Universitaet Kassel)
, Schutz on Weber: A Weberian View.

2. (16:45-) Shinji Hamauzu (University of Shizuoka), Schutz and Edmund Husserl
       - Zur Phaenomenologie der Intersubjektivitaet.


【Sunday, April 4, 2004】

Session II: Philosophical Foundations (1) (10:00-12:15)

Moderator: Bernhard Waldenfels (Ruhr Universitaet Bochum)

3. (10:00-) Yasuhiko Masuda (Waseda University),
Schutz's Ontological Reading of Henri Bergson.

4. (10:45-) Kiyotaka Naoe (University of Yamagata), Schutz and Max Scheler.

5. (11:30-) Joachim Renn (Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg), Time and Tacit Knowledge
        - Alfred Schutz and Martin Heidegger.


Session III: Philosophical Foundations (2) (14:00-15:30)

Moderator: Toru Hijikata (Seigakuin University)

6. (14:00-) Kiyoshi Sakai (Gakushuin University) & Keisuke Nagatsuna (Gakushuin University)

       Alfred Schutz and Gottfried W. Leibniz -- on Theodicy --.

7. (14:45-) Ilja Srubar (Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg), Schutz and Cassirer
        The Pragmatic and Symbolic Constitution of Reality.


Session IV: Phenomenological Contemporaries (15:45-18:00)

Moderator: Chihaya Kusayanagi (Otsuma Women's University)

8. (15:45-) Lester Embree (Florida Atlantic University),
Some Philosophical Differences
       within a Friendship: Gurwitsch and Schutz.

9. (16:30-) Chung-Chi Yu (Soochow University), Schutz and Sartre on Situation.

10. (17:15-) Hisashi Nasu (Waseda University), Schutz and Ortega y Gasset: What Topics are Surmised to
       be Selected by Schutz in his Projected but Unexecuted Work on Ortega?

【Monday, April 5, 2004】

Session V: Pragmatism (10:00-12:15)

Moderator: Adair Linn Nagata (Rikkyo University)

11. (10:00-) Nobuo Kazashi (University of Kobe),
Schutz and William James on Selective Attention
         : Implications for Phenomenology and Politics.

12. (10:45-) Ken'ichi Kawano (Waseda University), Schutz's Wissenschaftslehre beyond the Ivory Tower
         : The Synthesis of J. Dewey's LOGIC and F. Kaufmann's METHODOLOGY OF THE SOCIAL
        SCIENCES toward the Science of the Social World.

13. (11:30-) Masato Kimura (Waseda University), Schutz and John Dewey: Their Inquiries into the
        Logic of Everyday Life.


Session VI: Pragmatism and Sociology (14:00-16:15)

Moderator: Kazuhisa Nishihara (University of Nagoya)

14. (14:00-) Gert Schmidt (Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg),
Alfred Schutz and Georg

15. (14:45-) Masataka Katagiri (University of Chiba), Role, Type and Category: On Schutz and George H.

16. (15:30-) Kiyomitsu Yui (University of Kobe), Alfred Schutz and Talcott Parsons:
        Schutz and the Birth of Structural-Functionalism.


Session VII: Sociology (16:30-18:45)

Moderator: Nozomi Ikeya (Toyo University)

17. (16:30-) Martin Endress (Universitaet Tuebingen),
Alfred Schutz and Talcott Parsons:
        Two Directions of Continuing the Weberian Project.

18. (17:15-) George Psathas (Boston University), The Correspondence of Alfred Schutz and Harold
        Garfinkel - What was the "Terra Incognita" and the "Treasure Island"?

19. (18:00-) Hideo Hama (Keio University), The Primal Scene of Ethnomethodology - Garfinkel's
        Short Story "Color Trouble" and the Schutz=Parsons Controversy.

【Tuesday, April 6, 2004】

Session VIII: Politics and Arts (10:00-11:30)

Moderator: Marito Sato (Waseda University)

20. (10:00-) Gilbert Weiss (Universitaet Salzburg),
Alfred Schutz and Eric Voegelin:
        Life-World, Politics and History. A Dialogue 'Having Lasted for a Lifetime.'

21. (10:45-) Michael Barber (St. Louis University), Social Scientific Theology? : Schutz's
        Goethe Manuscripts.


Session IX: Economics (14:00-16:15)

Moderator: Eiji Ogawa (The International University of Kagoshima)

22. (14:00-) Thomas Eberle (Universitaet St. Gallen),
In Search of Aprioris: A Comparison of
        Schutz's Life-World Analysis and Ludwig von Mises' Praxeology.

23. (14:45-) Mototaka Mori (Waseda University), Alfred Schutz and Friedrich August von Hayek
         - Resemblance and Contiguity between their Theoretical Positions.

24. (15:30-) Mie Augier (Stanford University), Fritz Machlup and Alfred Schutz.

<Farewell Party>