International Conference : Alfred Schutz and his Intellectual Partners

by the Alfred Schutz Archive at Waseda University

Supported by
Waseda University
The Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition ('70)

Waseda University International Conference Center
April 3-6, 2004, Waseda University

<revised in March. 2>

This conference has two main aims :
The first is to inquire into the relationships between Alfred Schutz and his intellectual partners in order to elucidate, examine, and extend his thought into this day.
The second is to bring together researchers and scholars from other countries and Japan who are interested in the thought of Alfred Schutz and to develop and foster their international network.

Schutz's thought was developed and elaborated through his serious and honest "dialogues" with various eminent philosophers, sociologists, economists and legal theorists.
Such dialogues may be directly traced through his annotations on the margins of his former books. These annotations are the main resources to be examined as well as his correspondence,
his course notes at the New School for Social Research, and his published work. Original papers, which will be collected into a volume after the conference, will be presented in English.