Bibliography of Secondary Sources on Alfred Schutz

What follows is an international and multidisciplinary listing of 1,426 secondary sources for the philosopher and social scientist Alfred Schutz (1899-1959). It goes well beyond that developed for literature in English by Thomas Wall in Worldly Phenomenology(1988) both in years covered and language of original publication. It is arranged in chronological-alphabetical order so that something about its changing character and emphases can be gleaned through skimming.
Computer driven and manual databases have been drawn upon. Mr. Holgar Schwaiger of Erlangen University and Mr. Yabe, Kentaro of Waseda University in particular deserve many thanks for their compilations of items from Eastern as well as Western Europe and from Japan, respectively. An appeal over the website of the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology brought in a number of additional items.

Thanks also go to Manuel Martin Algarra, Michael Barber, Daniel Cefai, Peter Elgin, Elizabeth Kassab, Richard Lanigan, Alba Lucia Castelo Branco, Michael McDuffie, Hisashi Nasu, J. Sojka, Ilja Srubar, and Benno Werlen.

If you find items overlooked, or publish new materials, please send an e-mail to: The Alfred Schutz Archive.

(1932-2003) Compiled by John Drabinski and edited by Edward B. Rackley  

(2003-) Compiled by the Alfred Schutz Archive

This list has been transferred from the website of the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology (CARP) with its approval in July, 2003.

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Part I: 1932-1959


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